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Locksmiths Confirmed as Phase 1 Stakeholders

As current users of PeopleSoft, the Locksmiths are the newest stakeholder group to be added for Phase 1 of Planon’s rollout. The UBC Locksmiths are a unit within Parking and Access Services, and have historical ties to Building Operations. The Locksmith Shop is a core team of technicians supported by a head and a subhead, who […]

Iterative Testing Strategy for Planon Go Live

Planon’s Accelerator™ Implementation Methodology (AIM) is a step-by-step approach to configure and deploy Planon at UBC. A critical element of the process is to test Planon at various stages prior to go live to ensure it meets UBC’s expectations and stated requirements. What will be tested? Absolutely everything needs to be touched and tested in […]

Supporting Staff To Get Ready for Planon

There is significant change for faculty, staff, and students associated with modernizing UBC’s aging systems. The implementation of Planon for maintenance, asset and inventory management, and Workday for HR, Finance and Student provides an exciting opportunity for the campus community. To support staff, and the broader campus community, to successfully navigate the change to Planon […]

Planon Scope and Go Live Timeline Revision Approved

Planon Scope and Go Live Timeline Revision Approved

The EMMS project continues to make steady progress. This past week, the Integrated Renewal Program governance committee, which EMMS reports to, approved a revised Planon Go Live timeline and functional scope for the Stream 1 deployment. In simple terms, the functionality will be virtually the same as PeopleSoft with some enhancements such as access to […]

Determining Planon Configurations

Thanks to the active participation by managers in Building Operations, Energy & Water Services and Chemistry Stores, we’ve reached the half way point in determining how Planon will configure its software to meet UBC’s requirements. To date, 18 design meetings have been completed with a significant amount of progress addressing our current pain points. Shout […]