Supporting Staff To Get Ready for Planon

There is significant change for faculty, staff, and students associated with modernizing UBC’s aging systems. The implementation of Planon for maintenance, asset and inventory management, and Workday for HR, Finance and Student provides an exciting opportunity for the campus community.

To support staff, and the broader campus community, to successfully navigate the change to Planon specifically, the EMMS change management (CM) team is responsible for:

  • preparing Phase 1 leaders to communicate why and how the changes will benefit the university community
  • engaging staff to co-create the future to support UBC’s strategic goals and operational needs
  • identifying what’s changing and how staff will be supported during the transition
  • preparing staff to successfully work in the future with hands-on training and explanation of business process changes
  • sustaining the changes beyond go-live in 2020

Staff readiness is the primary focus of the EMMS CM team. Over the past six months, the CM team has been engaging staff via roadshows, mapping current states processes, and through Design meetings. The goal of these activities is to partner with staff to determine how to best configure Planon and streamline processes to meet operational needs.

It can be daunting to think about how long standing processes will change with a new tool. However, these sessions have provided opportunities to increase staff awareness about Planon, and provide a forum to share ideas and concerns. CM has worked to gather responses to staff questions, contributing to the feeling that we’re all in this together. As UBC’s Planon implementation journey continues, watch for opportunities to learn more and get involved.

The EMMS CM team is working alongside other change management practitioners, and HR and communications specialists within the VPFO portfolio and across UBC to coordinate joint Planon and Workday readiness activities.