Iterative Testing Strategy for Planon Go Live

Planon’s Accelerator™ Implementation Methodology (AIM) is a step-by-step approach to configure and deploy Planon at UBC. A critical element of the process is to test Planon at various stages prior to go live to ensure it meets UBC’s expectations and stated requirements.

What will be tested? Absolutely everything needs to be touched and tested in Planon including configurations, set up, drop downs, functionality, business processes, integrations, security etc. The scope of the testing will include Planon’s delivered out-of-the-box functionality and any configuration requests by UBC to support operational needs.

The EMMS Test Strategy supports the following objectives:

  • Identifies the items that should be targeted by the tests
  • Outlines the testing approach that will be used
  • Identifies the required resources
  • Lists the deliverable element of the test project

At a high level, testing types includes unit, integration, system, end-to-end and user acceptance testing. A variety of individuals will be involved in testing including the EMMS project team, UBC IT resources,  and Planon technical resources. Phase 1 staff are critical to the process given their first-hand knowledge of business processes and role in determining whether Planon configurations and set-up will work within their respective areas.

Phase 1 staff testers will initially include a small number of business users and over time be expanded to a larger group for user acceptance testing to ensure Planon performs as expected on Day 1. Testing timelines are aligned with the EMMS project plan and as such, testing will begin as configurations  for Stream 1 are completed. Outreach to testers and testing schedules will commence in early 2020.

Other testing terminology for reference:

  • Test Plan – Describes the testing  scope and activities which focused on “what to test”
  • Test Scenario – High level description of the functionality to be tested, usually derived from the functional specifications documents.
  • Test Cases/Test Scripts – A test case/test script  is a specification of the inputs, execution conditions, testing procedure, and expected results on “how to test”.