Locksmiths Confirmed as Phase 1 Stakeholders

As current users of PeopleSoft, the Locksmiths are the newest stakeholder group to be added for Phase 1 of Planon’s rollout.

The UBC Locksmiths are a unit within Parking and Access Services, and have historical ties to Building Operations. The Locksmith Shop is a core team of technicians supported by a head and a subhead, who install, service and repair UBC’s locks and locking hardware, and provide keys to the UBC Access Desk for distribution to our community key holders.

Today, Locksmiths receive work orders to support the campus community for new installations, servicing and repairs and use eProcurement for purchasing goods and services. When Planon is deployed, the Locksmith Shop will use Planon functionality for service requests, work orders and purchasing similar to other units such as Building Operations and Energy & Water Services.