Extension to IRP Workday Timeline

The Integrated Renewal Program (IRP) provided an update on the extension of the Workday timeline. Given Planon timelines are aligned with Workday, the original Planon target date will change too.

IRP governance conducted the first of three planned program readiness reviews on October 31. Following this review, a recommendation was issued to the Board of Governors to extend the timeline to ensure the successful implementation of Workday for Human Resources and Finance. Factors that contributed to this recommendation include:

  • the complexity in undertaking a project of this scale;
  • the need to thoroughly test and deliver a high-quality solution that fulfills UBC’s complex technical and functional requirements, and;
  • the need to appropriately ‘retrofit’ existing UBC applications with Workday as part of Application Ecosystem Project.

IRP is focused on a successful transition and implementation, and was not willing to sacrifice quality to meet a deadline which resulted in the recommendation to extend the timeline.

Visit the IRP web site for details on the timeline extension.