Getting Ready for Planon – Time Allocation to Work Orders

At today’s Getting Ready for Planon Call-in, the topic was Time Allocation. When Planon and Workday go live in November, paper time cards will become a thing of the past in favor of electronic time cards and self-service absence requests.

Staff will use both Planon and Workday depending on the activities as below:

  1. Time Entry for Work Orders
    • Planon will be used by staff to enter time against work orders (labour hours) either using the Planon Mobile Field Services (PMFS) app or at the end of the shift using Planon’s web client via a tablet to adjust time entries.
  2. Time Absences
    • Workday will be used by staff to enter time away from work including absences such as vacation, medical, dental and sick leave and/or follow existing call-in procedures.

For additional details, download a What’s Changing 1-2 page info sheet.

You can learn more about Workday time by logging in to Canvas to complete the Workday 101 course