Getting Ready for Planon – Request Materials

At today’s Getting Ready for Planon Call-in, the topic was Requesting Materials. When Planon and Workday go live in November, technicians in the field will be able to put in a request for materials for stock or non-stock items using the Planon Mobile Field Services (PMFS) App. The materials request process will show whether an item needed to complete a work order is stocked in the USB Stores warehouse or whether a purchase order will need to be created to order the product.

If the item is in stock, the technician can put in the request, go to Stores and pick up the item to begin work. If non-stock, the technician will put the work order on hold, which sends it back to the Head/Subhead to await delivery of the materials. A notification will be received by the Head when the materials are available and the work order can be re-assigned to the original technician or another technician depending on availability and capability to do the work.

For additional details, download a What’s Changing 1-2 page info sheet.