Getting Ready for Planon – Reserve Tools and Equipment

At today’s Getting Ready for Planon Call-in, the topic was Reserving Tools and Equipment. When Planon goes live in November, there are a few options:

  1. Technicians in the field will be able to view the calendar availability of tools and equipment using the Planon Mobile Field Services (PMFS) App
  2. The Head/Subhead will also be able to submit a tools and equipment reservation using the request form via the Planon web client.

The process is straightforward in both cases – select the item, check availability in the calendar and reserve for the time required. Note: All reservations need to be attached to a work order. When the tool/equipment is ready for pick-up a notification will be sent and/or when the person is late arriving for the reservation. Tools and equipment will be checked in/out by Stores including any components that are required. When tools/equipment are returned, Stores will complete a check list and indicate whether there is damage and/or if repairs are required.

For additional details, download a 1-2 Pager Information Sheet.