New EMMS Sustainment Team

The Planon implementation is critical for the University’s long-term operational effectiveness. The Facilities team has been working on solutions for ongoing system maintenance, support and improvements needs — also known as sustainment, to help contain costs while ensuring that the supports are in place for system users.

In order to ensure that Planon continues to meet the long-term business objectives and requirements of current and future system users, the Enterprise Maintenance Management System (EMMS) Sustainment Team has been created.  The EMMS Sustainment Team is responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that the Planon product implemented at go-live continues to be maintained to that level of quality, or higher.
  • Ensuring that business support request tickets are fairly prioritized to provide business value to all system users, while considering the limited resources to accomplish the volume of requests.
  • Driving the product roadmap in a way that helps to achieve the long-term benefits and return on investment (ROI) documented in the EMMS business case.