About EMMS

Enterprise Maintenance Management System (EMMS) will deliver a single unified platform to enable the adoption of consistent processes for the management of maintenance, inventory and assets to achieve UBC’s strategic goals. EMMS was initiated in 2018 to explore potential solutions to replace PeopleSoft functionality for maintenance, inventory and assets when Workday is deployed in 2020. Activities to date include:

  1. In 2018, a Business Case was submitted to UBC’s Board of Governors to select an industry-leading solution to meet UBC’s operational needs.
  2. In January/February 2019, a Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued and a software evaluation committee reached a selection decision.
  3. In April 2019, Board of Governors approval was received to proceed with a contract with Planon.
  4. In May 2019, Planon was on-site at UBC to kick-off the project
  5. In June – August, EMMS hosted a series of meetings with Phase 1 stakeholders to learn more about Planon and how the functionality will support UBC operations.
  6. In Sept. – December 2019, EMMS and Planon collaborated with stakeholders to design Planon to meet UBC’s requirements.
  7. January to June 2020, Planon will complete two (2) configurations of the solution based on UBC’s requirements. Testing will be conducted during this period.

EMMS Case for Action

  • We need accurate, real-time data and mobile capabilities offered by cloud solutions to make better decisions
  • We need a higher level of transparency to minimize duplicate effort and to improve customer service
  • We need to adopt best practice processes to deliver improved efficiency and a consistent experience for our teams and customers
  • We need to improve asset-driven preventative maintenance versus reactive maintenance

UBC’s Application Ecosystem Program (AEP)

Many of UBC’s legacy software applications have reached end of life and are no longer able to support UBC’s operational needs. For example, UBC will be deploying Workday to replace PeopleSoft (HR and Finance) and the Student Information System (SIS). Planon will be integrated with Workday and other enterprise applications as appropriate to conduct the operations of the university. Learn more by visiting the AEP web site.