Getting Ready for Planon

The implementation of Planon in the fall of 2020, to replace maintenance and inventory functionality  in FMS (PeopleSoft), represents a major change for staff in Building Operations, Locksmiths, Energy & Water Services and Chemistry Stores (EMMS Phase 1 stakeholders).

The introduction of Planon’s asset management functionality will provide a central location to store and access critical building and grounds asset information which require maintenance. Along with the implementation of Planon, business processes will be streamlined to adopt best practice, or so-called out-of-the-box processes from Planon.

We are building a comprehensive training program to support staff to transition to Planon and related process changes. Training will help staff to:

  • understand new Planon terminology
  • learn about process changes as UBC transitions from paper-based forms to electronic forms and processes
  • get comfortable using Planon’s functionality, interface, notifications and alerts etc.
  • use mobile apps in the field including how-to’s to complete work orders
  • use mobile apps in stores for inventory and stock management