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PMFS App A minimum of 15 minutes of time must be charged to work orders before they can be completed. Directors sent emails to heads and managers communicating this requirement. Talk to your head for more information.  18-02-2021
Special Request Product Quotes
Review screen shots for special request product(s) i.e. quote attached or quote required
Download Special Request Product – Quote Attached and Quote Required 03-12-2020
Planon Step-by-step Demos
Need a refresher on Planon functionality? View new Planon step-by-step demos such as tool rentals, materials requisitions and using filters to name a few.   Refer to the Planon Videos 01-12-2020
Supplier Invoices
UBC’s transition to Workday has resulted in changes to the submission of supplier invoices.
Refer to UBC Finance for details and share the link with suppliers.
New job aids for technicians with instructions on: 

  1. My Jobs, understanding importance of work order status and communicating with Heads using comments.
  2. PPM Work Order Checklists on the step to complete inspections

PMFS 101 – My Jobs

PMFS 102 – PPM Work Order Checklists

Order Status – Pausing a Work Order

There is an issue with technicians using PMFS to pause a job. The hours do not show up on their time card on that day. Instead, the hours show up once the job has been discontinued this results in:

  1. Technicians having to manually enter time on their time cards when the job is paused
  2. Technicians having to correct past days’ timecards once they’ve actually completed/discontinued the job
A technical fix has been completed to address the issue. An email will be sent to shops using the PMFS app to notify technicians of the update.
New job aid on how to view an audit summary report for shutdowns

SH 111 – Viewing shutdown audit summary report

Requisitions New and updated job aids with step-by-step instructions to: 

  • Review and approve requisitions lines (from technicians)
  • Add requisitions lines (stock, non-stock, special requests)
  • Add service and quotes
  • Approve product requisitions from the Product catalogue

OR 104 – Adding product requisition lines to work orders

OR 106 – Adding service requisition lines to work orders

OR 107 – Approving requisition orders from the product store

OR 116 – Approving requisition lines on work orders


OR 120 – Receiving and issuing a service

New Planon training recording available for anyone requiring materials (stock, non-stock, special requests) and services i.e. contractors and consultants.
Technical Specialists Training recording includes:

  • Adding requisition lines to orders
  • Receiving and issuing a service
Reporting New job aids are available in Canvas with instructions on how to run a report in Planon from any module and for designated roles, details on how to run an overtime report. RM 101 – Running a report

RM 102 – Running an overtime report

Resource Planner It’s important to assign technicians using the Resource Planner to trigger status changes from assigned > accepted > technically complete and finally administratively complete for billing.

If you workaround these steps, work orders will be remain in a ‘suspended’ state which will impact order completion and billing at month end.

RP 100 – Planning and assigning work orders 19-11-2020
Filters Filters are a powerful tool in Planon to enable users to quickly and easily locate the desired information. There are two types of filters:

  • Simple filters (one-time quick search)
  • Detailed filters (permanent specific criterion)

Remember, when a filter is highlighted in ORANGE, the filter is active. Toggle the filter off or click on the X to deactivate.

OR 118 – Using a simple filter

OR 119 – Using a detailed filter

 New job aid which describes how shutdown requests, as well as shutdown approval items, can be filtered.
SH 110 – Using Shutdown Filters