April 2020

Engaging Stakeholders

Ongoing collaboration with EMMS stakeholders is critical to ensure Planon is configured to meet UBC’s operational needs. The engagements in April include several Shutdown Design sessions (orange) , review of Planon Config 1 by functional area (green) and weekly Transition Network call-in sessions (blue) alternating between Planon and Workday information to prepare staff to work confidently in the future.

April Calendar

Tracking to the EMMS Project Plan

EMMS is sending a special shout out to UBC’s IT team for their exceptional work to enable us to carry on with our EMMS work without interruption. Rest assured that working remotely has limited impacts for EMMS as we collaborate with Planon virtually.

Continuing Configuration 1 Testing

In March, the EMMS team completed hundreds of testing cycles. The good news is that Planon is performing as expected in each of the functional areas tested. The issues are primarily related to minor configuration set-up which are easily resolved in collaboration with Planon. Testing will continue through March and April. Config 2 testing will begin the same cycle with an estimated completion date by the end of June.

Preparing for Workday+1 Testing

The first stage of Workday+1 testing begins mid-month to ensure data flows successfully between Planon and Workday for specific business processes.  The second stage will be through July and August. The current Workday+1 testing priorities are related to Work Order Cost Recovery (WOCR) and Purchasing.

Creating Training Curriculum

Training is a key activity to build staff confidence and capabilities to use Planon when it goes live. An assessment of which staff are impacted and how they will access Planon has been completed as the foundation for the EMMS Training Plan. The training curriculum is being developed to support staff learning and readiness. At a high level, training curriculum falls into four buckets:

The next step is to start to create training materials which will be used for in-class and virtual training and for self-serve access by staff via Canvas, UBC’s learning management system. Training materials will help staff:

  • learn about changes as UBC transitions from paper-based to electronic processes
  • get comfortable using Planon terminology, interface, notifications and alerts etc.
  • use mobile apps in the field to complete work orders and in stores for inventory and stock management

Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to contact your EMMS team member directly or via the EMMS contact form if you have questions. We encourage you to visit the web site News and What’s Happening sections to keep up-to-date on EMMS progress.

Downloadable Version of What’s Happening This Month (WHTM)

WHTM_202004 Version