March 2020

NOTE: The EMMS team is working remotely effective March 16, 2020 until further notice. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to contact us or contact a member of the EMMS team as applicable.

Be sure to download this update at the bottom of the post to view all visual illustrations.

Going Remote with the EMMS Team

Following UBC’s COVID-19 announcement on March 16, 2020, the EMMS team began to work remotely. As a virtual team, we are:

  • tracking to EMMS project plan deliverables and milestones
  • working productively with daily call-ins to report progress and raise issues for resolution
  • connecting using UBC’s cloud-based tools including SharePoint, Skype, Jira, and JAMA
  • collaborating with Planon’s functional and technical teams to support testing and integration activities

Tracking to the EMMS Project Plan

EMMS is sending a special shout out to UBC’s IT team for their exceptional work to enable us to carry on with our EMMS work without interruption. Rest assured that working remotely has limited impacts for EMMS as we collaborate with Planon virtually.

Starting Configuration 1 Testing

The first cycle of testing is underway to validate system configuration and that data is functioning from Planon to other UBC applications. Testing highlights include:

  1. 80% of Stream 1 functionality will be tested now in Config1 (the remaining will be part of Config2 in May/June)
  2. Testing is being conducted by EMMS including Testing, Functional and Technical teams
  3. As Config1 testing comes to an end the EMMS team will engage with the Business once again for the functionality pending. This is the Config2 stage and includes decisions and design sessions for topics such as shutdowns, reporting etc.   We will then go through the same cycle, whereby Planon configures and we test/validate the results.  This stage is anticipated for completion by end of June.

Supporting Workday+1 Testing

In addition to Planon functional testing, a critical activity is Workday+1 testing to ensure data flows successfully between Planon and Workday for specific business processes.  There are  two stages of that work with the first stage happening now to end of April, while the second stage will be through July and August. The current Workday+1 testing priorities are related to Work Order Cost Recovery (WOCR) and Purchasing. Early Achievements include a purchase order (PO) and billing lines that were successfully sent from Planon to Workday.

Supporting Staff to Get Ready for Planon

The EMMS Change Management team is developing a comprehensive training program to build staff confidence and capabilities, help staff to:

  • understand new Planon terminology
  • learn about changes as UBC transitions from paper-based to electronic processes
  • get comfortable using Planon’s interface, notifications and alerts etc.
  • use mobile apps in the field based on real life scenarios complete work orders
  • use mobile apps in stores for inventory and stock management
  • access self-service training online via UBC’s Canvas learning management tool (in-class training will be scheduled closer to go live)

Details will follow in the coming weeks and months as the Training Plan takes shape.

Helping Staff Connect the Dots on Upcoming Change

In addition to supporting staff prepare for Planon, EMMS will leverage the Integrated Renewal Program Transition Network to localize both Workday and Planon changes. From now until May, the focus will be on Workday level setting to help Managers understand what will change, prior to sharing with staff. Watch for communications from the Transition Network directly.

Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to contact your EMMS team member directly or via the EMMS contact form if you have questions. We encourage you to visit the web site News and What’s Happening sections to keep up-to-date on EMMS progress.

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