May 2020

Engaging Stakeholders

Ongoing collaboration and active engagement with EMMS stakeholders are vital as we prepare for Planon go live in November. In May, we’ll complete Planon Config 1 Review Sessions by functional area (green) and kick-off Planon Transition Network call-ins (purple) to prepare staff to work confidently in the future. The EMMS Team will be reaching out to Phase 1 Stakeholders to support Config2 design adjustments as required.

May Calendar

Completing Configuration 1 Testing

In May to early June, the EMMS team will wrap up Config1 testing in anticipation of the next round of testing for Config 2 when the next stage of design work is complete. The estimated completion date is the end of June.

Starting Config2 Design

With Config1 nearly completion, next up is work related to Config2. Specifically, EMMS will work with Planon to:

  • configure Shutdowns
  • update any required Config1 functional changes
  • incorporate feedback from the Business sessions on Config1
  • develop the access model for Planon
  • determine analytics, dashboards and reporting requirements for Stream1
  • complete remaining integrations

Beginning Training Material Development

With approval of the EMMS Training Roadmap in April by the Steering Process and Outcomes Committee, an iterative process will begin to develop Planon training materials. The goal is to create relevant, just-in-time materials, accessible in Canvas, to support staff pre- and post go live. Details forthcoming in the coming months.

Business Process Adjustments

Planon will deliver immediate efficiency gains as a unified solution for maintenance, inventory and asset management.  Additional adjustments to existing business processes are required to align with Planon’s delivered processes and workflows. Examples of adjustments may include elimination of paper forms, binders, spreadsheets and manual processes that are no longer required when delivered by Planon (and Workday). A series of workshops will be scheduled with the business over the coming months to align processes with Planon.

Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to contact your EMMS team member directly or via the EMMS contact form if you have questions. We encourage you to visit the web site News to keep up-to-date on EMMS progress.

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