Building Operations

Welcome BOPs Team Members. As one of 750 tradespeople, custodians, municipal and Business & Customer Services team members, you will experience some degree of change when Planon is implemented. For example:

  • Today, you may enter and access information in PeopleSoft or other systems; tomorrow, you will access Planon on any mobile, tablet or computer to access information to do your daily work.
  • Today, you may manually complete paper forms and forward to colleagues for approval or action; tomorrow, you will log in to Planon and enter information or update the status of work.
  • Today, you may receive verbal or email notifications on the status of work; tomorrow, you will receive automated notifications at each step of a business workflow process to keep you in the loop.
  • Today, you may create or maintain your own separate spreadsheets for budgeting, project status tracking etc.; tomorrow, based on your security and role, you will be able to access real-time data for information or analysis.

Who is representing Building Operations?