Planon Configuration Stage Begins

What a way to start the new year! Following months of hard work by dozens of people and hundreds of hours of Design meetings to explore how to leverage Planon’s capabilities, we’re beginning the next step in the EMMS project, Planon’s Configuration stage!

Over the next few months, Planon’s technical development team will generate the first of two configurations based on UBC’s Functional Specifications for maintenance, asset and inventory management. To the greatest degree possible, UBC will adopt Planon’s delivered or out-of-the-box processes and workflows to ensure UBC stays current with Planon’s ongoing software upgrades.

What does this mean? Any of the configurations that have been requested by UBC have been carefully evaluated by Business Functional Leads (BFLs) and subject matter experts from Building Ops, Energy & Water Services and Chemistry Stores to meet UBC’s operational needs.

As we progress in the configuration stage, our intent is to schedule sessions for staff to socialize some of the anticipated changes working with a new tool, Planon and streamlined processes. Stay tuned for details.