New Year, New Planon Poster Series

What better way to kick-off the New Year than with a new poster series. During the Planning and Design stages with Planon, we heard about your current pain points and what you hoped Planon would deliver in the future. Check out four (4) new posters this month and digital signage which focus on how Planon will address these issues by delivering real-time information when you need it, access via desktop, tablet and mobile devices depending on your role and integrations to other data sources in one convenient location.











Planon will replace existing paper forms with electronic business processes to improve visibility and transparency to do your work. During the set-up and configuration of Planon, a significant amount of data which is currently maintained on Excel spreadsheets will be uploaded to Planon and maintained thereafter. When launched, technicians will be able to see the asset associated with reactive maintenance work orders, hazard information and preventative maintenance checklists.