Enterprise Maintenance Management (EMMS) will deliver a single unified platform to enable the adoption of consistent processes for the management of maintenance, inventory and assets to achieve UBC’s strategic goals.

EMMS scope includes: Maintenance Management, Inventory Management, Asset Management, Fleet Management, Contracts, Financial Management.

Phase 1 stakeholders include Building Operations, Energy and Water Services and Faculty of Science, Chemistry Department (Chemistry Stores) and Locksmiths. Phase 1 stakeholders are current users of PeopleSoft maintenance management, asset management and inventory modules. When PeopleSoft is decommissioned in 2020 and replaced with Workday, the functionality for maintenance, assets and inventory will be delivered by a new software solution called Planon.

Phase 2 stakeholders may include faculties and units who have inventory or asset management needs. For example, UBCO and Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS) are the next likely groups to deploy Planon, followed by faculties such as Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Faculty, staff and students who submit service requests to Building Operations will utilize a yet to be determined process in Planon. Details will be provided when more information is available from Planon.


UBC’s current systems no longer meet organizational business needs around assets, inventory and maintenance management with a number of functional gaps managed via other means. The university is replacing its PeopleSoft HR and finance functions (EProcurement, Purchasing) with Workday, and the system will be decommissioned. Workday does not offer similar functionality, creating an operational gap, and the need for Planon.

The Integrated Renewal Program will modernize UBC’s Student, HR and Finance administrative systems. UBC will implement Workday, an integrated, cloud-based platform, across the university. Workday will be the source of record for HR, Finance and Student data. Specific functionality related to maintenance, inventory and assets will be delivered in Planon and integrated with Workday.

UBC issued a request for proposal (RFP) in 2018 for a new maintenance, inventory and asset management solution. Submissions from a variety of industry vendors were received and demonstrations were delivered to an evaluation committee, with a cross-section of UBC representatives.

Following an extensive evaluation of UBC's requirements, UBC selected Planon based on its ability to meet UBC's needs today and into the future. As an industry-leading solution, used at other higher education institutions, Planon will enable UBC to adopt modern practices to reduce manual processing and provide a higher level of transparency to help people do their daily work.

The software evaluation committee membership included: George Vlassopoulos, EMMS Project Manager; Matt Boydston, Finance Director, Building Operations; Claudio Pini, Information Technology; Karen Button, Chemistry; Leisa Belanger, Director Finance Transformation, Integrated Renewal Program; Roger Bizzotto, Facilities Management Okanagan; Russell Neal, Energy and Water; Frank Crudo, Building Operations; Victoria Wakefield, Student Housing & Hospitality Services; and Lana Breakfast, Financial Operations.

Planon is a market leading specialist with over 35 years of Integrated Workplace Management System that helps organizations streamline business processes for buildings, people and workplaces. Learn more about Planon www.planonsoftware.com

Planon has over 2,500 customers in 40 countries, with offices in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Asia and Europe. Planon has several higher education clients including Brown University, Michigan State University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Dartmouth, and Cal Poly to name a few.

Planon is a software as a service (SaaS) application and will be hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) facility in Montreal. Planon will maintain Service Level Agreements with UBC to ensure uptime, back-up and restoration points.

Planon's product roadmap deliver ongoing updates to its features and functionality. As a client, UBC will have the opportunity to influence Planon's new functionality as part of a community of other clients. On an ongoing basis, UBC will deploy new functionality to meet the needs of the campus.

Planon delivers desktop, tablet and mobile interfaces depending on your role. Planon Apps can be downloaded from Google Play™ for Android™ or the App Store for iOS and are fully integrated with the Planon software suite. Planon Mobile Field Service App will be used by field technicians.


There will be an EMMS sustainment aligned with UBC's Integrated Service Centre for Workday and UBC IT Service Centre.

Integrated Renewal Program (IRP) and Workday

Visit the Integrated Renewal Program web site for answers to your questions about how you will use Workday to access your pay stub and tax forms, submit expense claims, apply for jobs, update personal and benefit information and other routine HR and Finance tasks. Watch the video that provides and overview of IRP and Workday.