EMMS Governance

The Enterprise Maintenance Management System (EMMS) governance is aligned with UBC’s governance structure to ensure decisions related to budget, resourcing and program scope adhere to university policies, risk management, financial controls and compliance.



EMMS Sponsors

  • John Metras, Associate Vice-President, Facilities
  • Jennifer Burns, CIO and Associate Vice-President, Information Technology

Steering*, Process and Outcomes Committee

  • John Metras, Associate Vice-President, Facilities*
  • Jennifer Burns, CIO and Associate Vice-President, Information Technology*
  • Nikii Hoglund (Building Operations)
  • Denise Pearce (Building Operations)
  • Jen Sheel (Building Operations)
  • Kishani Gibbons (Building Operations)
  • Francis Lepage (Building Operations)
  • David Woodson (Energy & Water Services)
  • Richard Hugli (Energy & Water Services)
  • Siu Tse (Energy & Water Services)
  • Ken MacFarlane (Department of Chemistry)
  • Matt Boydston (Finance)
  • Brian Jones (Locksmiths)
  • Shelly Morrison (Supply Management)
  • Karen Oyhenart (VPFO HR)
  • Patrick Kavanagh (Integrated Renewal Program)

*Denotes Steering Committee

Business Functional Leads

  • Frank Crudo (Building Operations)
  • Darko Jelic (Building Operations)
  • Peter McLoughlin (Building Operations)
  • Calvin Cheung (Building Operations)
  • Kishani Gibbons (Building Operations)
  • Wende Kinch (Building Operations)
  • Jose Teres (Building Operations)
  • Dan Tieu (Building Operations)
  • Robin Shortt (Building Operations)
  • Russell Neal (Energy and Water Services)
  • Philip Brusse (Energy & Water Services)
  • Dee Kaila (Energy and Water)
  • Karen Button (Chemistry)
  • Sunny To (Chemistry)
  • John Molnar (Locksmiths)
  • Tariq Din (SRS)
  • Phillipa Horton (FinOps)
  • Marcus Kwong (FinOps)


  • David Kiloh (SHHS) – Advisory
  • Vickie Wakefield (SHHS) – Advisory
  • Colin Moore (SHHS) – Advisory
  • Rob Wharton (SHHS) – Advisory
  • Roger Bizzotto (UBCO Facilities) – Advisory
  • Alex Osipov (Integrated Renewal Program) – Advisory


Project Management

  • Sachin Dalvi

Project Coordinator

  • Shannon Sorenson


  • Ron Hing, Lead
  • Hayley MacDonald
  • Evan Colville
  • Patrick O’Connell
  • Y.K. Goh

Data Management

  • Shahid Hussain, Lead
  • Sena Kalay
  • James MacWilliam


  • Rizwan Ali, Lead
  • Arima Rajan
  • Jin Ho

EMMS Sustainment Team

  • Tarkan Serim, EMMS Sustainment Lead
  • Ingrid Lindner, Systems Analyst
  • Robin Shortt, Business Analyst

UBC Enterprise Projects

Visit the Office of the CIO for details on UBC enterprise projects.