Project Streams

UBC is modernizing many of its enterprise applications. A risk assessment and a significant planning effort is required to ensure operational continuity. EMMS is evaluating how to successfully integrate Planon with Workday, given the tight dependencies with Workday HR and Finance functionality. It’s important to set realistic expectations given the complexity of deploying multiple applications simultaneously.

Two Work Streams

To minimize operational risks, Planon functionality will be deployed in two streams:

Stream 1: Stream 1 is referred to as Planon ‘light’ which will define the scope of Planon features and functionality for go live. Consultation with Planon and Phase 1 stakeholders, during the High Level Design stage, will assess what functionality can realistically be delivered to enable people to continue to do their work using Planon. Functionality such as maintenance management, work orders, service requests, inventory and replenishment will be deployed in Stream 1. Stream 1 went live November 2, 2020.

Stream 2: Deployment of Planon functionality will continue post-Workday integration to offer users more rich features and functionality. For example, new functionality for preventative maintenance and crew scheduling will improve our operational effectiveness when deployed.

Timelines are subject to change pending confirmation and approvals by corresponding governance committees.