Planon deployment timelines are aligned with the Integrated Renewal Program (Workday), given the dependency on PeopleSoft decommissioning. There are two project streams with releases of Planon functionality in 2020 to ensure operational continuity. Target implementation dates are subject to change and will be announced following approval by governance committees.

Update: February 2020 from the Integrated Renewal Program

On February 14, 2020, the UBC Board of Governors approved a new Workday HR and finance launch date of early November 2020, ensuring that UBC has the best possible solution to meet the needs of our faculty, staff and students.

A series of reviews and re-planning sessions have taken place, maintaining focus on critical considerations such as UBC’s academic and financial calendars. This timeline adjustment will allow for sufficient time to deliver support to the UBC community for an effective transition to new ways of working. The timeline extension for HR and finance will have no impact to the ongoing negotiations with Workday regarding the implementation of the student product.

Planon’s go live date is aligned with Workday’s launch date in early November 2020.