Planon went live on November 2, 2020, used primarily by staff in Building Operations, Locksmiths, Energy & Water Services and Chemistry Stores (EMMS Phase 1 stakeholders).

The introduction of Planon’s asset management functionality will provide a central location to store and access critical building and grounds asset information which require maintenance. A comprehensive 6-week training program was successfully delivered to staff to support their transition to Planon and related process changes including:

  • understanding new Planon terminology
  • learning about process changes as UBC transitions from paper-based forms to electronic forms and processes
  • getting comfortable using Planon’s functionality, interface, notifications and alerts etc.
  • using Planon Mobile Field Services app in the field including how-to’s to complete work orders

Stream 1 of Planon went live on Monday, November 2, 2020 with Workday. There are two project streams with releases of Planon functionality in 2020 and 2021 to ensure operational continuity.