Vision & Objectives


The vision for Enterprise Maintenance Management System (EMMS) is to deliver a single unified platform and enable adoption of consistent processes for management of maintenance, inventory and assets to achieve our strategic goals.


EMMS is focused on four objectives:

  1. Implementing Planon, an enterprise application for maintenance, asset and inventory management;
  2. Adopting best practice business processes and configuring Planon as required to reduce UBC’s manual processes;
  3. Integrating with UBC’s enterprise applications including Workday (for people and finance data), Archibus (space data) and ArcGIS (location) among others to provide staff with a unified view of information to improve operational effectiveness;
  4. Deploying Planon concurrent with Workday to align with PeopleSoft decommissioning in 2020 to minimize impact on operations.

EMMS includes most processes in maintenance management, asset management, and inventory, to provide UBC with a single system of record across the enterprise. EMMS will enable strategic decision making, better support, standardized processes, and strategic sourcing.