December 7, 2020

PMFS Pause Status Fixed

The “Pause” status on PMFS has now been fixed. The carpentry shop reported that when jobs were paused at the end of the day, the timecard was not being updated. Instead, the technician had to manually add time against the time card. Once the job was actually completed in PMFS, the timecard was being updated […]

December 1, 2020

New Planon Step-by-Step Demos

Need a refresher on Planon functionality? The original training recordings have been edited to only show Planon functionality with step-by-step demos such as tool rentals, materials requisitions and using filters to name a few. The entire catalogue of training recordings will be converted to this new format for easy access anytime you’d like to view […]

November 27, 2020

Introducing the EMMS Sustainment Team

The EMMS Sustainment Team is responsible for: Ensuring that the Planon product implemented at go-live continues to be maintained to that level of quality, or higher. Ensuring that business support request tickets are fairly prioritized to provide business value to all system users, while considering the limited resources to accomplish the volume of requests. Driving […]

November 26, 2020

EOI Heads Training Series

Express of Interest (EOI) staff from Building Operations and Energy & Water Services are participating in a Planon training series receiving the same curriculum that was delivered to Heads prior to go live in November. EOI’s will spend 14 hours, over 7 days, learning about the many ways in which Heads use Planon. EOI staff […]

November 23, 2020

New EMMS Sustainment Team

The Planon implementation is critical for the University’s long-term operational effectiveness. The Facilities team has been working on solutions for ongoing system maintenance, support and improvements needs — also known as sustainment, to help contain costs while ensuring that the supports are in place for system users. In order to ensure that Planon continues to […]