Service Centre

Service Centre staff will use Planon to:

  • Triage incoming Service Requests received via Planon, email or by phone
  • Assign Work Orders using consolidated Service Request types i.e. too hot/cold, broken window, locksmith
  • Generate individual Work Orders for each Service Request, replacing standing Work Orders
  • Assign a unique Planon ID to Work Orders instead of a BOW
  • Confirm Service Request details from customers as required

Service Requests will be processed in a similar manner to current processes. Requestor’s will be able to login to Planon to view status of requests. An integration with Workday will identify the requestor at the time of the request to enable billing for customer-funded requests.

Full details on what’s changing with Planon will be shared when available.


Service Centre staff will also use Workday for “employee as self” tasks such as:

  • updating personal information
  • updating benefits details
  • requesting vacation and checking balances,
  • applying for jobs
  • accessing pay stubs and tax forms to name a few.