December 2019

Planon Timeline Extended

You’ve likely heard the Workday timeline has been extended (new target timeline pending). To align with Workday and the decommissioning of PeopleSoft, Planon’s Stream 1 go live date may be adjusted to ensure a smooth transition to prepare everyone for the future. The EMMS team is contributing to this re-planning effort, with details forthcoming in the New Year.

A Major Milestone Achieved

The near completion of Planon Design Meetings and related follow-up with Phase 1 stakeholders has enabled the EMMS to finalize the Functional Specifications for sign-off by Business Functional Leads. These specifications will be used by Planon’s development team to begin configuring UBC’s application. The completion of the Design stage marks a major milestone from a functional standpoint as this is foundation work which will be used by the EMMS Data, Integrations and Change Management teams to complete their respective work.

Preparing Integrations

The Integration Enablement Center (IEC), a team within IT, is responsible for linking all systems and data at UBC through a single platform. IEC is working with the EMMS team to develop the integrations to enable Planon to receive and send data to other applications such as Workday, ArcGIS, Archibus and more. This collaboration is vital to ensure UBC’s APIs are secure, governed and well-documented. The development of integrations is an iterative process as UBC’s teams become familiar with Planon solution architecture and functionality and determine integration needs.

Developing Testing Plans

With the Testing Strategy approved in principle, the next step is creation of testing plans which will be used throughout the duration of the project for functional, integration and data testing activities. For example, upon notification from Planon that Configuration 1 is ready, the EMMS team will get into action and begin initial testing activities. Staff from Phase 1 stakeholders will be invited to participate in testing during various cycles to ensure Planon performs as expected. The EMMS functional team will begin working on specific test scripts that will be used by testers for pass/fail testing of business processes in Planon.

Deliverables this Month

  1. Planon generates Solutions Documents which confirm UBC’s requested configurations by functional area
  2. Planon begins configuring UBC’s solution for review by UBC
  3. UBC sample data uploads continue to evaluate how data is rendered in Planon.
  4. People readiness is ongoing with a focus on determining the change impacts that result from transitioning from current processes and PeopleSoft to streamlined processes in Planon.

Downloadable Version of What’s Happening this Month (WHTM)