February 2020

Planon Configuration 1 of 2 Underway

Exciting news! Planon’s technical developers have started the first of two configurations to set-up maintenance, asset and inventory management functionality for UBC.

The configuration process is iterative with Planon setting up each module’s functionality including the fields, field names and what information will be required to ensure completeness of information.

Following a review with the business, UBC has requested several changes to Planon’s out-of-the-box processes and workflows to meet operational needs.

Preparing for Initial Configuration Testing

When configuration 1 is complete, the EMMS and Planon teams will begin a cycle of iterative testing to check processes, integrations to other UBC applications and data is shown as expected. Later in the summer and early fall prior to go live, staff in variety of roles will be invited to participate in testing cycles.

Integrating Planon with other UBC Applications

Planon will be integrated with UBC applications including Workday (HR and Finance), Archibus (space), ArcGIS (location), Laserfiche (OEM manuals and user guides), and VFA (architectural) among others. The intention is for information to be kept up-to-date in UBC’s systems of record and integrated with key applications to support operational needs. For example, field technicians will be able to see space and location information within the Planon app to complete Work Orders.

Deliverables this Month

  1. Planon configuration 1.
  2. Begin testing of configuration 1 functionality.
  3. Preparation of integrations for UBC systems including Workday and other Application Ecosystem applications for integration to Planon.

Downloadable Version of What’s Happening This Month (WHTM)