January 2020

Planon Configure & Prototype Stages Begins

After several months of Design meetings with Business Functional Leads (BFLs) and subject matter experts from Building Ops, Energy & Water Services and Chemistry Stores, Planon’s technical development team will begin the first of two configurations this month based on UBC’s functional specifications to configure maintenance, assets and inventory management functionality. To the greatest degree possible, UBC will adopt Planon’s out-of-the-box processes and workflows to ensure UBC stays current with Planon’s ongoing software upgrades. What does this mean? All the configurations that have been requested by been carefully evaluated to meet UBC’s operational needs.

Preparing for Initial Configuration Testing

With Planon configurations underway, the EMMS team is finalizing test scenarios and scripts which will be used to ensure Planon is meeting UBC’s expectations in terms of business processes, workflows and technical and data integrations. This is an iterative process, initially managed by the EMMS team and overtime with invitations extended to Phase 1 stakeholders to participate in testing during various cycles.

New Year, New EMMS Posters

During the Planning and Design stages with Planon, we heard about your current pain points and what you hoped Planon would deliver in the future. Watch for four (4) new posters and digital signage that explain how Planon will deliver real-time information accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile devices depending on your role.

Deliverables this Month

  1. Planon finalizes its Solutions Documents and begins the first of two configurations based on UBC’s specified requirements.
  2. Finalize testing scenarios and preparation of testing scripts.
  3. Distribution of new EMMS posters illustrating how Planon will address UBC’s current pain points.
  4. UBC sample data uploads continue to evaluate how data is rendered in Planon.
  5. Preparation of integrations for UBC systems including Workday and other Application Ecosystem applications which may be integrated with Planon.

Downloadable Version of What’s Happening this Month (WHTM)