July 2019

Planon Accelerator Workshops Scheduled This Month

Planon’s Solution Architect and Consultants will be on site from July 16-26 to welcome approximately 90 UBC staff in Phase 1 (Energy & Water Services, Building Operations and Chemistry Stores) to a series of 17 workshops. Each 2-3 workshop will provide participants with a look at Planon’s out-of-the-box functionality by process area i.e. reactive maintenance,  preventative maintenance, inventory, tools and equipment reservations to name a few.

These workshops are the first step in determining whether UBC will adopt their suggested best practice processes and/or identify where configurations to the software may be required to meet UBC’s operational needs. Based on participant feedback, Planon will refine UBC’s Planon environment to get ready for the next phase, called High Level Design. Check back in August for more information on this phase.

The main activities in July include:

  1. July 1 – 31 – EMMS Summer Roadshow to build awareness of the Top 5 Things to know about EMMS with Phase 1 stakeholders
  2. July 10 – Provision of UBC sample data to load into UBC’s Planon environment for Accelerator Workshops
  3. July 15 – EMMS Communications campaign begins with a poster series, digital signage and info in staff lunch rooms
  4. July 16-26 – Accelerator Workshops

Deliverables this Month

  1. Completion of Planon Accelerator Workshops
  2. Development of a Traceability Matrix to document business objectives and the primary processes to support those objectives through functional solution definition, including processes and acceptance criteria. The matrix will be used throughout the duration of EMMS all the way through to user acceptance testing (UAT).

Downloadable Version of What’s Happening this Month (WHTM)