July 2020

July Calendar of Activities

Getting Ready for Planon Call-In Schedule

Following the Workday wrap-up on June 30th, TN call-ins will focus entirely on Planon during July and August. New information is provided every Thursday, repeated the following Tuesday, in preparation for Planon go live in November. The schedule is:

Date Planon Topic
07-Jul Add Time to Work Orders & Approve Time
07-Jul Repeat
09-Jul Request Materials
14-Jul Repeat
16-Jul Reserve Tools/Equipment
21-Jul Repeat
23-Jul Manage Project Estimates
28-Jul Repeat
06-Aug Manage Shutdowns
11-Aug Repeat
13-Aug Planon Mobile Field Services App
18-Aug Repeat
20-Aug Ask Ron – Open Mic Call
25-Aug Repeat
27-Aug Planon Wrap-up

Business Process Review Workshops

From July 7 to August 7, a series of 20 workshops will be facilitated by the EMMS Functional team to review key changes and efficiency gains for the go forward business processes with Phase 1 stakeholders. The workshops will identify any activities or tasks that may be unknown to the EMMS project team such as paper forms or spreadsheets that can be retired. The outcome of the business process review workshop will document end-to-end business processes in and outside of Planon and to support the creation of training materials.

Training Development

The EMMS Change team is building a comprehensive training program to support staff to transition to Planon and related process changes. Training will help staff to:

  • understand new Planon terminology
  • learn about process changes as UBC transitions from paper-based forms to electronic forms and processes
  • get comfortable using Planon’s functionality, interface, notifications and alerts etc.
  • use mobile apps in the field including how-to’s to complete work orders
  • use mobile apps in stores for inventory and stock management

We are busy creating training materials and a detailed training schedule.


The EMMS testing and functional teams have completed 1000’s of tests to ensure Planon is functioning as expected based on UBC’s configurations. Testing includes Planon functional areas, integration testing with other applications such as Workday and end-to-end testing which includes  technical parameters such as single sign-on with UBC CWL. Testing will be ongoing to ensure Planon is fully configured for Go Live in November. In September, staff will be asked to participate in testing activities.

Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to contact your EMMS team member directly. We encourage you to visit the web site News to keep up-to-date on EMMS progress.

Deliverables this Month

  1. Completion of Planon configuration 2
  2. Getting Ready for Planon Call-ins ongoing
  3. Business Process Review Workshops begin

Downloadable Version of What’s Happening This Month (WHTM)