October 2019

Planon Design, Configure & Prototype Stages Underway

The decision and final approval on what Planon functionality will go live in Stream 1, April 2020 and Stream 2, September 2020 is pending.  Further investigation is required to consider the scope of Stream 1 functionality, operational business continuity and integrations to Workday and other applications.

Functional Design Meetings

The Design stage was extended from the original time frame of July/August to November to consider how UBC will use Planon in the future. The EMMS Functional team is leading Design meetings in the coming weeks, with support from Planon, to show Planon functionality for each functional area such as purchasing, reactive maintenance, projects etc. Business Functional Leads and select subject matter experts are being consulted for input into design considerations.

Asset Data

A significant effort is underway preparing asset data for eventual upload to Planon. A standard for classifying building specifications called Uniformat is being used as a starting/reference point for the classifications. Asset classifications and data alignment for Electrical and Architectural groups is completed, with Mechanical in progress. During the next couple of months, trades will have opportunity to make modifications to their classifications given the unique needs of several groups including municipal which may require custom classifications.

Parallel to the Planon implementation, UBC’s Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) group will facilitate the discussion to share these classifications with other groups such as UBCO and develop standards to facilitate consistent classifications and coding across UBC. These classifications will be converted into hierarchy which will be used in Planon to load these classifications.


UBC’s technical team is working with its Planon’s technical counterparts to set up environments for use by UBC’s Integration Enablement Center (IEC) for MuleSoft services which will support integrations to  HR, FIN and other enterprise data sources.

The main activities in October include:

  1. Functional Design meetings with Business Functional Leads
  2. Continue with data management activities working with internal teams at UBC to ensure alignment with other initiatives including Workday
  3. Creation of a draft Test Strategy which will be used for system, end-to-end and user acceptance testing as part of the Planon deployment plan.
  4. Carried Forward from September: Communicate the scope of the functionality and the total number of Phase 1 stakeholders that will be impacted (dependent on scope of Planon functionality)

Deliverables this Month

  1. Creation of Functional Specification documents which will be used by Planon to configure UBC’s environment for maintenance, asset and inventory management. Ongoing to November.

Downloadable Version of What’s Happening this Month (WHTM)