Asset Management

Asset Management provides a centralized standardized source of information for buildings and equipment assets including policies, processes, operating models, management, documentation and maintenance aspects relating to these assets. It provides functionality for achieving more flexibility in usage and effective utilization of assets, operating and maintaining assets at lower cost, complying with health and safety regulations, reducing the sustainable impact of assets and replacing non-performing assets.

Planon will be used for building and ground assets only which have work orders associated with them. Other business assets will be stored in Workday.

Asset Management, together with Space Management, brings together all relevant data like spaces, workplaces, floor areas, CAD drawings and departments in one place which supports the effective logging of customer service requests and scheduling of maintenance by providing space and workplace usage.

The scope of Asset Management includes:

  • maintenance of assets
  • mobile asset management
  • locate and visually map assets
  • ArcGIS integration
  • key plans integration
  • Laserfiche integration
  • track/manage keys
  • shutdown
  • toolcrib
  • space information
  • track and manage licenses
  • track and manage permits

Note: The list above is representative only.

Planon is the system of record for all areas listed above and integrated with Workday for HR and Finance information.