Phase 2 Groups

The EMMS Project has identified two stakeholder groups:

  • Phase 1 Stakeholders (i.e. current PeopleSoft users of maintenance management, asset management and inventory modules) which include Building Operations, Energy and Water Services, Locksmiths, and Faculty of Science, Chemistry Department (Chemistry Stores).
  • Phase 2 Stakeholders may include faculties and units who have inventory management needs. For example, UBCO and Student Housing and Community Services (SHCS) are the next likely groups to deploy Planon, followed by faculties such as Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences and others. A determination of potential Phase 2 stakeholders and timelines will be determined following successful completion of the first deployment for Phase 1 stakeholders.

To ensure Planon design and configuration decisions are flexible to meet the needs of future groups, Phase 2 stakeholders were included in initial working groups to inform the discussion and kept informed as EMMS progresses.